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16 April 2010

Meet Ruffles and Totsy

It's a foster week again! After many weeks of being unable to take in foster puppies, I got to pick up two precious little ones this morning. They appear to be some kind of German Shepherd/Collie/Chow mixes, but have reminded people of bears, foxes, groundhogs, and guinea pigs too. Needless to say, they are very unique looking, cute puppies! I have been melted to the core by these guys, wishing they could stay for longer than one night! If anyone would like to adopt one and then conveniently give him/her to me, that would be ok :)



So cute you could eat them, right? I don't think these two will have any trouble charming the masses tomorrow. As always, hoping that only good and responsible people will be the ones to take them home.

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