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01 September 2010

Beautiful Miracle

Well, here she is, the winner of September's dog of the month contest! Mira Bella the Dachshund! Obviously I'm not the only one who was touched by this little dog's story. And I would never complain about getting to look at another Dachshund at the top of our blog for the next month...

Here is an interview with Mira Bella's owner, Terri VonderHeide. Terri, be watching for your $25 gift card to PetSmart in the mail!

Photographer's Name: Terri VonderHeide

Where did you get your dog? Rescue, I flew to New Orleans to save her from being euthanized.

What made you choose her? I could not let a dachshund die just because it was paralyzed. She deserved a chance at life.

Describe her in 3 words: miraculous, determined, amazing

Terri wrote a little extra about her special dog:

"I have to add that Mira is special needs, she was paralyzed when I rescued her, because she had suffered a traumatic injury to her spine which crushed it. Not only was she paralyzed, she is completely deaf and partially blind as is the case with the majority of double dapples. We have overcome her paralysis in spite of her veterinarian in Louisiana saying it would take a Miracle for her to walk again, and after examination by my vet being told that the damage was so extreme that most likely she would never walk again but to go ahead and try because you just never really know for certain. So we spent 8 hours a day 5 days a week on different physical therapy techniques, and now she walks and runs with all her dachshund brothers and sisters that live here. Because the damage was so extreme she is still incontinent and while I have learned her potty schedule well enough that during the day I let her go what we call ‘nakeybutt” she does have to wear diapers if she has to be crated for any length of time or not allowed access to outside for any length of time. She doesn’t like to wear her diapers so I put baby onesies over the top of them so she can’t tear them off. Since she has joined our family, Mira has been a constant inspiration and has been a wonderful spokesdog for rescue and for disabled dogs. Her example has saved 5 dogs in the past year from being put to sleep because of back issues. She has gone to two elementary schools as an advocate both for rescue and for acceptance of someone being different.

I am also attaching one picture of Mira in her wheelchair that she got shortly after she got here with me. Now she no longer needs her wheels but she does still need her doggles sun glasses because part of the genetic issues of being a double dapple her pupils do not expand and contract in the varying light and bright light hurts her eyes.

Thank you Terri! And thank you to everyone who entered and voted!
Once again, you can read all about Mira in her blog at www.mirasmiracle.blogspot.com