Where does your dog go when you have to leave him/her during the day?

20 April 2010

B & G

Just wanted to post this quick picture taken by Abbey Bernhardt of my co-blogger, Becca and her awesome blond Gabe. It's hard to believe I haven't met Gabe yet. I feel like I know him!

One day I will make the trip to CO. Either that or convince Becca to fly Gabe with her to Seattle...and fly home without him.... What?


  1. i have a phone interview for a job in seattle this week... by somehow tricking them into loving me, i'm going to make it to seattle, which obviously means i'll be kid/dognapping becca/gabe and we're all venturing northwest.

    how bout that!

  2. i very much favor rachel's plan!!

    also, i am glad to know that i am allowed to leave after visiting you, but that you would rather gabe stay, tory.

  3. Rachel - Good luck with your interview! I am in massive favor of your plan also...

    Becca - :D