Where does your dog go when you have to leave him/her during the day?

04 April 2011

Patrick's Law

I saw this posted on another blog. My heart broke for Patrick and all the other dogs who have had to go through anything similar. It's a miracle he survived!

This is Patrick, the sweet pitbull puppy from New Jersey. He beat the odds by surviving starvation and being thrown down a garbage chute in an apartment building, wrapped in a plastic bag.

This is the chute where Patrick was originally found.

This was Patrick when he was first rescued on March 16, 2011.

Patrick on one of his first few walks, since being able to stand.

Patrick's Law on Facebook
"Our mission statement is to enact stronger animal abuse legislation at the Federal and State level. We will also work toward educating the public on animal abuse!"

02 April 2011

Puppy of the Month!

We are a day late with April's dog of the month, but here she is! And she's so fresh that she doesn't even have a name yet. She is just six weeks old and is still at her breeder's house, waiting for the day when her new owners Bob and Elizabeth Bundy bring her home. Bob and Elizabeth already have a Jack Russell Terrier named "Kuma" and recently had to say goodbye to their beloved Lab/Dalmatian mix, "Eclipse". So this little gem will once again make them a two dog family. Congrats you guys, she is adorable!

Photographer's Name: Janice Whitfield

Puppy's Breed: Russell Terrier (one of the foundation breeds of the Jack Russell Terrier)

Puppy's Breeder: Janice Whitfield, Valley View Farms

What made you choose her? Approximately 2 years ago in looking on-line at Jack Russell Terrier puppies (because we love Kuma soooo much - and we are Jack Russell Terrier people) I found Valley View Farms website & began to research the breed. We were in Spokane about that time and my sister & I needed something to do with her granddaughter for the day so we made an appointment and took her to the farm. When I met her dogs I immediately fell in love with this breed. They are smaller then the Jacks, have as much energy but are calmer. This puppy was reserved by someone else who decided the timing wasn't right - so Janice called and asked if we wanted her - The timing was right for us so I said "of course" - So maybe she was chosen for us?

Anything else you'd like to add? I am so excited and look forward to this new little puppy (yet to be named) and Kuma becoming fast friends

Thanks to Elizabeth and Janice for letting us showcase her! She is irresistible!

Readers: feel free to post your name suggestions for Elizabeth :)