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01 April 2010

Angie - April's Dog of the Month

I've known my friend Emily since we were toddlers. We grew up crazy about dogs, involved in 4-H and volunteering for the local animal shelter. Her own dog is a Miniature Australian Shepherd named Angie. 'Mini Aussies', as they are sometimes called, draw attention from people everywhere they go. This is because they are still relatively unknown as a breed, are highly intelligent (and athletic, as our picture above shows), and come in a variety of eye-catching colors - all in a smaller package than the more well-known Australian Shepherd breed. Tory and I love this picture of Angie doing what she loves more than just about anything else - chasing and catching frisbees. And, because today happens to be Angie's 9th birthday, we couldn't think of a better dog to feature for the month of April! Here's a little more about Angie:

Age: 9 (as of April fool's day!)
Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd
Where did you get Angie? My family was on vacation in Florida, and Angie was from North Carolina. We picked her up somewhere in the middle.
What made you choose her? My family (I was in high school at the time) has another mini aussie, and we love the breed - they are lovable, very smart, great mountain climbers, and a convenient size. :) I chose Angie initially based on her adorable pictures - I loved her fuzziness and her spottiness. I knew she was the one when the breeder said she loved to "snuggle." Her breeder was definitely not lying... To this day, she prefers to be as close to people as possible!
How did you name her? She came with the name "Angel." I didn't want to keep this exact name, but it was very fitting because of the healing that she brought. I was devastated since my previous dog, Hayley, had recently been hit by a car. Angie really was a little angel in puppy form, and she continues to make my life happier all the time. So, instead of "angel" I just changed it to Angie.
Describe Angie in 3 words: cuddly, attentive, goat-like (she is very agile, and her ears look like goat ears)

Here's an additional close-up of Angie since the other picture is so far away. And, thank you to Emily Clader for letting us share Angie's picture this month!


  1. what a cutie.
    and doesn't she have like the softest fur ever??

    when i think of mtn climbing dogs,
    i think of aussies, black labs and rowdy.

  2. Hi there,
    Becca-I worked with your sister, Sarah, at Colonial in KC back in '07, and I think we actually met once. Tory-haven't met you but, yay dogs!
    I stumbled upon your site via Sarah's blog and I enjoy that you guys are dedicated to presenting information to dog lovers out there!
    Myself, I'm headed to vet school this fall and would love to stay connected to a dog community of sorts. I don't have the lifestyle to own a dog yet, but sure want to help others out with anything!
    If you guys ever stumble upon a health question, it would be great to collaborate with you. I don't know much more than the average 'Joe' yet, but I sure will soon! Plus I'm a big nerd and like researching different things.
    How do you guys feel about Cesar Millan?
    Thanks for sharing your passions!

  3. rachel - yes, she is so soft! and it's like emily doesn't have to do a thing to it.

    alee - wow, it is so great to 'meet' you again! looking at your picture, i think i do remember meeting you once. i had no idea you were going all in for vet school though - that's soooo awesome. where are you going for it? k state?

    it would be AWESOME to have a resource that knows about health things! maybe we could even have you be like a guest writer sometimes! we are totally nerds too and this blog has been super fun to kind of keep us learning and fresh on dog topics.

    tory may want to add to this response, but we really love cesar millan! i would like to see more behind the scenes in how he works since tv can kind of make everything seem more dramatic, but i am confident he is the real deal. he has been an extremely influential person on the dog world in our country, and in pretty much all good ways. have you ever read his first book that talks about how he got started? it's an amazing story!

    thanks so much for leaving that comment - maybe we can do some kind of health post soon :)

  4. Hi again,

    Cesar's story is pretty crazy! He has a lot to say about trying to understand how a dog works rather than making them fit into 'human' roles. I respect his work and am eager to see how his information change the way people view their pets in training or just in the home.

    I currently work at a doggie daycare, where we are human pack leaders for about 50 dogs each day. We are always running into interesting medical or behavioral situations. I've also learned a lot in the past few months on just how different 50 individual labs can be!

    Ever heard of ABRI? I've got free podcasts from their website full of interviews from different trainers across the country. I'm still just trying to tap into resources here and there about behavior and medicine.

    Have any favorites (in books/resources for dog behavior)?

    And to answer your question, yes, I'm headed to KSTATE. Good ol' Kansas treats me well.

    Let me know if you'd be interested in a collaboration!