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08 June 2011

Watching you shine bright, I'll wave goodbye tonight

I know each and every animal cruelty story is equally as gut wrenching and unbelievable, but sometimes certain ones weigh heavier on your heart for unexplained reasons.

I've been following the story of a dog called "Star". Star was found buried alive and had been shot in the head 40 times. I first learned of her about two weeks ago and even though she was not my dog, nor did I know her personally in any way, my heart felt like it broke in two after reading the following article.

Is this the worst case of animal cruelty ever?

I watched the video of Star at the bottom of that article and saw such defeat and brokenness in her gentle eyes. Still, her rescuers remained hopeful that she would survive and it wasn't long before she gained a huge following on her Facebook page, Star: The dog who lived

However, tonight I read an update that made my heart break all over again for this undeserving little soul.

"It is with great sadness that we just discovered that beautiful Star has passed away. We had such hope after she had been found and seemed to be surviving. R.I.P. Beautiful Girl. Let us hope that she gets justice and they find who had abused her. If anyone is in Malta, please spread the word for Star."

Star was appropriately named! If only she knew how much of a bright spot she was to thousands of people whose hearts were saddened, but at the same time, inspired by her; just like mine was. If only she knew how many people were rooting for her and happy that she was "shining" even after enduring such vicious and completely unjustified treatment.

For everything that she suffered through, and for the millions of dogs that are abused in similar ways each year, Star simply has to be our dog of the month this June/July.

Well this is not your fault
And if you have to go
Well always know that you shine brighter than anyone does

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