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05 July 2010

There's a first for everything...

We've been featuring a new dog of the month on Hot Diggity since we started in February, all chosen by us. But this time we decided why not have our first ever photo contest for the dog of August?

Depending on how many entries we receive, we will either have an open vote contest or we will pick the winner ourselves. More entries = open vote. Less = we pick. So feel more than free to tell your friends and get them to send in their pictures!

If your dog wins, he/she will receive a surprise prize in the mail, and of course major bragging rights for being featured at the top of Hot Diggity for 31 days. Heh.


Email us up to 5 photos of your dog along with the following info:

Owner's Name:
Photographer's Name:
Dog's Name:
Dog's Breed:
Dog's Age:
Where did you get your dog?
What made you choose your dog?
How did you pick your dog's name?
Describe your dog in 3 words:

Email All Entries to: TheHotDiggity@hotmail.com

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. We just want a little info to include in the post that features your dog if he/she wins :)


- Send all entries in by July 21st
- People are awesome. People in your dog picture entries are not quite as awesome. No people please!
- Pictures with more than one dog in them are fine. Just make sure to answer the questions for each dog (if they are all yours)
- The higher quality photo, the better! (Pixely or blurry shots won't look too cute supersized!)

If you have any other questions, just ask!


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