Where does your dog go when you have to leave him/her during the day?

01 July 2010


It's July 1st and this month's dog is a mixed breed who lives in Africa with his owner, Caroline Peixoto. I saw some pictures that Caroline's friend, Megan, had posted on facebook and fell in love with his unique looks. I knew we had to use him for dog of the month at least once :)

I know Megan Swanson through my good friend Hilliary Anderson. They both currently live in Africa where they started a children's home for street boys. It's pretty amazing what they do!
To find out more, go to www.HopeForLifeMinistry.org

This photo was also taken by Hilliary, who is a fantastic photographer and artist. You can see more of her work here: www.hilliarysart.com

I wasn't able to get in direct contact with Squanto's owner, so Megan gave me her best guesses to my questions about him! Thanks Megan!

Breed: Mixed

Age: 6 months

Where did you get Squanto? Squanto's mom was rescued off of the streets by a local veterinarian who was unaware that the dog was pregnant. Squanto was the runt in that group of puppies.

Why did you choose him? Caroline and I were both immediately drawn to Squanto. He was a beautiful color as a puppy, was very playful, yet when we picked him up, cuddled into our arms. We were also drawn to him because he was the runt of the bunch and we wanted to be able to provide a good home for him.

How did you pick his name? Caroline has always wanted to name a pet Squanto. When she first learned about the Native American, Squanto, and how he saved loads of people by teaching them how to farm, she knew she wanted to name her future pet that!

Describe Squanto in 3 words: Full, Of, Poop. (Or you may want to use these: Energetic, Curious, and Gullible)

Because I can steal pictures from facebook, and I think this dog is unbelievably cute, I've added a few extra of him living his life in Africa...

Megan stuffing Squanto into her backpack. This picture makes me want a Squanto of my own.

Post bath time

He doesn't look loved at all....


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