Where does your dog go when you have to leave him/her during the day?

04 June 2010

Meet Theo

My newest foster puppy is a Heeler mix named Theo. He's about 8 weeks old, and came to the rescue with his whole litter, covered in ticks. They're all doing much better now, and he has been a blast to have around this week!

Theo is one of the most inquisitive puppies I've fostered. He watches the TV, looks straight at you when you talk to him (with the most serious face - so cute :)), and loves to explore anything and everything. True to the Heeler breed, he already goes after everyone's ankles. He's also got an independent nature - loves to lay his head on your feet when he sleeps, but is not very interested in being held in one spot.

It's been so cute to see how Gabe and Theo have gotten along this week - maybe having just one puppy around is less overwhelming to Gabe. I'm hoping someone with some dog experience adopts Theo tomorrow, because he is cute, he is sweet, but he is also full of it!