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01 June 2010

Austin - June's Dog of the Month

The Olde English Bulldogge is a breed not currently recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, the popularity of these guys is still increasing for many reasons. This can be attributed to their greater chance to live a life unaffected by health issues (as compared to the more commonly known English Bulldog), their playful, outgoing personalities, and of course, their exceptionally cute faces! (You've got to love jowls like these.) They are also a very strong, athletic breed. Kyle and Miranda Carbaugh's dog Austin is no exception to all of these things. Tory and I decided it would be fun to share a little about Olde English Bulldogges by featuring Austin as our Dog of the Month for June!

Age: One and a half years old.
Breed: Olde English Bulldogge
Where did you get Austin? Pell City, Alabama (we flew him here).
What made you choose him? The breed because he has all the bulldog looks but not as great of a risk for the health problems of the standard English Bulldog. He is very athletic, that is also why we chose this specific breed. We chose Austin specifically because when we contacted the breeder, they mentioned that Austin had recently jumped in their pool at 8 weeks and had to be retrieved. We thought he sounded adventurous!
How did you choose his name? It just fit him.
Describe Austin in 3 Words:
1. Carefree
2. Animated
3. Loving

Thanks so much to Kyle and Miranda for letting us show Austin off this month. And thank you to Abbey Bernhardt for allowing the use of this awesome picture she snapped of him!