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01 May 2010

Abby - May's Dog of the Month

My friends Laura and Jeff are such a great couple. They are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and their hearts reflect that in how they care about each other as well as the people around them. Their loving nature was also made apparent when they picked out their first dog together - a rescued mutt named Abby.

Abby was not a clean slate when they adopted her - other people had already shaped her in certain ways or neglected to nurture her in others, leaving her in great need of stability and patience. And yet, Jeff and Laura opted to give her a chance at living out a happy and full life. With that time and patience, Abby has made great strides! That in itself is reason to celebrate Abby and other dogs like her. So, for the next month we will get to look at Abby's smiling face and her radical ears! Thanks for sharing, Jeff and Laura!

Age: is TWO
Breed: Mutt (we think Basenji, Lab and something else.)
Where did you get Abby? We picked her up at Wayside Waifs. She was a two time pound puppy where she had been brought back by a former owner. Poor thing.
What made you choose her? We picked her because of her stupid big ears and her huge tongue. We also liked her high energy and her playfulness. I have always loved mutts and talked Jeff into getting away from the pure breed dogs. We went to the pound and fell in love at first sight.
How did you name her? Her name at first was Jolie but we thought that was dumb and Jeff named her Abby. It seemed to be just right. When she's bad we call out Abigail and she puts her head down and her tail down. It's pretty pathetic. Her top three favorite things in the world are 1. Squirrels 2. Other dogs 3. Jeff and me!
Describe Abby in 3 words: Smart, Strong, Energetic

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