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08 May 2011

Dog of the Month - Bella!

Recently, my dog Gabe had a play date with my friend Connie's dog, Bella. It was my first time meeting Bella, but she was so easy to love, I could not resist featuring her on the blog! I was struck with how mild mannered she was, even for being an active breed, (a Labradoodle), and younger than Gabe is, too. I think Bella embodies all the best traits of the breeds she is mixed with, and I am glad we get to see her sweet face around here for a while!

Thank you Connie for getting us some great pictures of Bella to share with readers. A little more about her:

Photographer's Name: I took all of these pics

Dog's Breed: Labradoodle

Where did you get her? I got her from a local Nebraska breeder called "Diamond Country Dogs."

What made you choose her? I wanted something that had a temperament similar to a golden retriever that didn't shed as much. Originally, I thought I wanted a goldendoodle and did my research on breeders. I decided on a breeder and tried to be as patient as possible to wait for the next available litter of goldendoodles, but a litter of labradoodles became available first and I fell in love. I asked for more pics of Bella and asked as many questions as possible-- I just knew she was the one!

Describe her in three words. Most friendly puppy (ever).

Anything else you'd like to add? Sometimes I call her "Bella Bear" because she always gets the comment that she resembles a stuffed animal. She's the friendliest, most easy-going dog I've ever had. She would prefer to have people pet her at the dog park than to actually play with the other dogs.


  1. Oh, those entrancing eyes...!

  2. right? she has the sweetest little face! the eyes do all the talking :)

  3. Love those eyes - CUTE!!!! -