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16 December 2010

Meet Gallagher

Great Danes are eye-catching dogs. Their giant size alone makes them an impressive breed; even before getting to know their delightfully gentle spirit! So, when I saw this picture of a friend's Great Dane with the loveliest black spots and red bow decked out for Christmas, I knew it needed to be shared on the blog. Thank you to Kevin Claussen for sharing Gallagher with us, and to his sister-in-law Jada for taking the photo!

Name: Gallagher
Breed: Great Dane
Age: 1 year 2 months
Where did you get him?: Got him from Moffit Colorado. Took about 10 months to find "the perfect Dane."
How did you pick him?: I picked him because of his unique markings of black and white and knew it was a decision I would not regret.
How did you name him?: Picked the name Gallagher because it fits perfectly for gentle giant.
Use three words to describe him: Unique, friendly and playfull.

Gallagher was an adorable puppy - so easy to see why he was picked by Kevin!

Thanks again for sharing Gallagher with us - he is the perfect dog to feature this month!


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  2. Thanks Ron! I did not see your comment until just now. You have a lot of followers!