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02 October 2010

Black dogs are sort of like black cats...

October's dog of the month is "Bentley", owned by Thomas and Kayla Bloom! We picked Bentley because of his strikingly handsome looks (seriously one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen!) and of course, his color couldn't be more appropriate for the month of Halloween.
I imagine most people mistake Bentley for a black lab or lab mix, but he is actually a purebred German Shorthaired Pointer. Shorthairs are usually only seen in solid liver, or a combination of liver & white (ticked, patched or roan). Black shorthairs are disqualified from the AKC conformation ring, but can be registered and compete in other sports. Although rare in the US, in Germany black shorthairs are slowly growing in popularity. Up to 20% of GSP puppies born in Germany are black or black & white, compared to only 5% a decade ago. I wish they were more common around here. I absolutely love their floppy, shiny, happy look!

Photographer: Thomas Bloom

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

Age: (pictured: 4 1/2 months) Currently 5 1/2 months

Where did you get Bentley? A breeder in arlington whose name I can't remember.

What made you pick him? We love the breed's energy and intelligence and the short hair was a plus as well. There were only two left in his litter (both black) but he seemed so eager to please and be with people.

How did you pick his name? Actually Kayla suggested it as a possibility, because she knew a dog named Bentley before, and I was excited about having a dog named after an amazing car (even though technically he's not named after the car).

Describe Bentley in 3 words: He is cuddly, loving, and energetic

Bentley living life...

Thank you Thomas and Kayla! I can honestly say I will be a bit sad when October is over and we have to switch dogs. I love looking at his smiling face!


  1. Beautiful Dog...I have 4 GSP's, 3 solid liver, and 1 black female--they are the best dogs ever!

    Bentley you are very handsome!

  2. Aww that is great! I would love to see pictures of your GSP's somehow!

  3. OMG I can't imagine having 4 of him. Though we would for sure like to get another. He needs a buddy. And yes after only a few months I agree they are the best dogs ever!