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20 August 2010

Pick your favorite!

Just four dogs are in the running for September's dog of the month. But once again I am glad choosing the winner isn't up to me, because I think they are all deserving of the title and the prize! ($25 to PetSmart).

Review each of them below, and make your vote! Voting closes on September 1st!



Olive is a 10 month old Cane Corso owned by Auston and Molly Sligh! The Cane Corso is still relatively unknown, being one of the three newest breeds to be recognized by the AKC. Being rare also makes them hard to find. Olive was shipped to Washington from a breeder in Kentucky! Auston and Molly write about what made them choose a Cane Corso: "We both wanted a big, girl dog. Auston wanted something that looked scary, and I wanted a dog that looked like a pitbull, but without the stigma. Cane Corsos were the middle ground. She is lazy, loyal and snuggly. I can’t think of having anything else now, she’s perfect for us."


Lloyd is a Vizsla/Lab mix puppy owned by Kyle Crommett! Kyle rescued Lloyd from PAWS and writes that as soon as he saw him, he knew there was no way he was leaving without him! It sounds like a perfect match. "LLoyd is such an awesome dog. He is ridiculously smart. He was basically housebroken the first night I brought him home at just under 9 weeks, and he has picked up basic commands (Sit, Stay, Down) after literally just a few minutes on each command. He is very loyal, and pretty much spends the whole day attached to my leg. He'll wake up from a dead sleep just to follow me into the kitchen and pass back out on the floor at my feet while I cook."

Mira Bella

Mira Bella is a 5 year old Miniature Dachshund owned by Terri VonderHeide! Mira Bella is completely deaf, partially blind and was even paralyzed when Terri flew to New Orleans to rescue her from a neglected situation. Her name is truly fitting, Terri writes: "Her name was Honey when I rescued her but she is such a Miracle dog in so many ways and she is so beautiful both physically and in her spirit that Miracle got shortened to Mira and Bella for beautiful because she is my Beautiful Miracle."

I'm positive that if Mira Bella could talk, she would call Terri her miracle as well. Thanks to her determination and faith, Mira Bella is able to walk again despite the fact that vets told Terri there was no way she would. Mira Bella's example has saved 5 rescue dogs in the past year alone from being euthanized because of having back problems.

You can read all about Mira Bella's inspiring story by visiting her blog:



Tully is a 3 year old Cairn Terrier owned by Jeff and Rachel Bundy! This was an impulse buy that really worked out. Rachel says "It was a compulsive purchase but I am so glad I got her. She is affectionate, devoted, and cute". She is also named after Julianne Moore's character in "The Forgotten", but she goes by a variety of awesome nicknames including Dinger, Trikemaster Tom, Smerf and Danger, pronounced Dang - Er.

The upside to having fewer contestants is it will make your decision easier. Then again...maybe not?

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