Where does your dog go when you have to leave him/her during the day?

11 March 2010

Meet Bam Bam

Bam Bam is my latest foster puppy. She is about 11 weeks old and appears to be a Lab mix, possibly with Boxer. She's been great to have around! While she does have a set of lungs that she utilizes to the max whenever I have to leave her in her crate, she has slept very well through the night and is one of the most easy-going puppies I've hosted. Gabe likes to play with her and she's reciprocated that despite their size difference! It is my hope that she will go to a home that will help her build confidence. She has probably not been exposed to many life experiences, so cars, strangers, and even geese have frightened her a little. Still, she quickly warms up once she feels comfortable. She is up for adoption this Saturday along with her sister and many other puppies!


  1. so what happens if i think i love her?

    your parents could deal with another dog around the house,
    especially a puppy,

  2. i suppose if they kicked you out, you could just live in my room. two people, two dogs, one bed.